Lactation Sex while Bf watches

Lactation phone sex





My neighbor recently just had a baby and my boyfriend and I have been really wanting to invite the new mommy over for a three some. Mostly because my boyfriend has a hard on to see me suck on her nipples and drink her milk. He fucking is obsessed with me doing this in front of him. So we propose mommy and she’s down. I seductively undress her and unsnap her bra letting her beautiful double d breasts flop out free and I cup her soft supple breasts in my hands as my Bf watches stroking his pecker on the edge of the bed. Then I lean down and open my mouth and start to gently suck on her hard pink nipples I use my hands to massage and milk them in a rotation motion and soon I taste her sweet nector flow from her pink nipples. I look over at my Bf and seem him watching everything jerking his pecker harder now as a I slurp and suck her mild from the tip of  her nipples and take her hand and shove it down my panties and encourage her to rub my clit and it’s isn’t long til I’m coating her fingers with my juices,I”m so fucking turned on sucking on her titties drinking her milk while she’s rubbing my clit. Then I her some groaning and just in time I see my Bf approach us and stroke his dick into spraying mommy’s boobs with his spooge and it drips down to her tight tummy in globs and lean down and with my tongue I lick up his jiz too as they watch. I”m definately not needing dinner tonight I say to myself .


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