Knife Play

My daddy was a cop, and my older sister and I would sometimes go down to the station after school. We’d sneak into the evidence room, and it was there I gained my fascination with handcuffs, torture devices and knives. Goddamn I love knives. One afternoon, my sister dragged me in there. She laid me over the cool metal table & cuffed my ankles and wrists to the legs. She slipped up the skirt of my school uniform and kissed my thighs. She reached my sopping cunny and started licking it, moving my panties to the side in desperation. She swirled her tongue on my clit and suddenly took a huge, vicious bite. She clamped down on my clit with her teeth and pulled hard. I screamed out in pain and pleasure as she stood up and spit in my face. She grabbed a small bag and poured the contents into a paper towel, which she wadded up and slipped deep inside me. “That’s cocaine” she explained, as if we hadn’t snorted it together 2 weeks ago. “The wetter your pussy gets, the faster it’ll absorb into your system” She knew I liked pain. This girl wanted me high, and quick. She grabbed a knife from a nearby counter.

Drugs Phone Sex

She placed it on the corner of my mouth and pressed down gently. “why so serious?” she laughed and dragged the blade slowly down my chin and around my throat. She slid it down to my breasts, slowly circling my rock hard nipples and making slices in my areolas. My cunt started numbing, soaking in the cocaine. My head started spinning and I felt so happy and light. I started to giggle and she pressed the blade harder into my skin. She traced my stomach with the metal, moving in for a kiss. “How you feeling, sissy?” I laughed, absolutely euphoric. Her knife reached its destination, right between my thighs. She reached the cold blade in and removed the paper towel, cocaine totally dissolved. My cunt was numb and she fucked me with the blade as she occasionally tongued my clit. I squirted and laughed as I came, covering my sister with pussy juice tinged with blood. I’m so wet just thinking about this memory. I have a ton more, I’d love to tell you some.

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