Kissing Cousins Strap-on Fun

Every one has a crazy cousin in their family and I am no exception. My crazy cousin Al is a hoot and when we get together we have some crazy good times. The other day we were talking about strap ons and how much I love to strap on a cock and fuck the shit out of a chick and then have the same done to me. He could not understand why I would want a plastic strap on when I could have any cock I wanted shoved deep into my pussy. He had to add that I know he is always available to pound my pussy any time it needs a good stiff dick. We have been kissing cousins for as long as I can remember. Then last night he showed up with a duffel bag and a smile. He said he came to make me a very happy girl and I was going to love his bag of tricks. We had a few drinks and he was more goofy then usual. I kept asking him what he was up to but he kept me waiting forever! When he finally took his bag of tricks in the bathroom he emerged naked, with a hard dick, a red ball gag in his mouth and a big black strap on, on the top of his head. When I finished laughing like a mad woman I realized that this could be fun. We had a blast and I have to admit that my crazy cousin Al knows how to make things interesting in his very own way. I will never look at a strap on the same again as long as I live!

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