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I cum from a big family and I love them all! Brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins…..And they all love me. It’s great to have a big family to meet all your needs.

It first started with my big brother fucking me when I was VERY young. He has always been my best friend and it was easy for him to get in my panties. I remember us playing the kissing game in our tree house when we were very little. Kissing was not only on the lips either, some times it was WAY lower. *smiles* He was the first one in my family to notice what a good girl I am. But it didn’t take long to show off my new talents. First my brother, then my daddy, Uncle John and my cousin Bob. Mmmmm I really love having a big family.

Well now I am away in college and I miss my bro’s cock really bad. Seems like whenever I get a break I rush home to get what I need. But it is never enough. Of course while on campus away from the family all the guys here are willing to keep my tight holes nice and juicy until I get to take another trip back home. *grins*

Incest Princess Katy

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