Katy Scores A Goal!

I fucked my old soccer coach in my hometown before I headed back to school! That last week at home before I headed back to campus was so boring, I ran into my old soccer coach at a bar and things got heated. I was at my local dive bar shooting pool with some hot guys when my old soccer coach from high school walked in and ordered a drink. I didn’t think he would come over and say hello so I just kept my eyes on my game. Suddenly a drink gets placed on my table and my old coach is calling my name. When I looked up at him, all those memories of playing JV Soccer came flooding back, even the ones of me sucking this hot older coach’s cock after practice. I licked my lips before I spoke and let him pull me in for a hug that made my pussy start throbbing.
Coed Phone Sex
It was only a few drinks later when he asked me if he could give me a ride back home, I let him drive but as soon as we were on the road my hand found the bulge in his pants. I started sucking him off right there like we were back in the old days. As we drove through town and headed back to my parent’s place, I knew I needed to feel him in my pussy again. By the time we pulled into my garage he was ready to blow, I stripped my clothes off and ran into my house, he chased me to the kitchen before bending me over the counter and stuffing my cunt with his thick hard man meat. God, I came so fast as he fucked me hard, he stuck his thumb in my asshole as he pounded my cunt. I squirted all over his balls making him fuck me even faster, my tight little twat milked his cock hard making him nut deep inside me– his former girls’ soccer team captain who always wanted to score the goal.

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