Just Another Day At The Office

So I took a part time job over the summer at a local car wash. Let me tell you this cat has a banging set up. The chicks do all the actual washing of the cars. We are not allowed to wear a bra under our white shirts. We have to stay in shape and wear the shortest shorts you have ever seen.
The dudes also wear the skimpiest shit they can squeeze into and they are in charge of detailing the interiors of the cars.
Both of us can earn “tips” by giving our customers “a little specialized service”
I never thought working at a car wash would include fucking at work and earning “bonuses” for the day.
There is one chick that works with me that is down for girl on girl action, which is a cha ching moment for me.
The dudes love watching us rub our wet, soapy bodies together. They really love it when we make out for them.
In fact we make more extra money when we work together then either of us do when we work alone and just suck a little dick or something.
If your horny and need your car cleaned, this is the fucking car wash to hit, you will love it I promise!

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