Jingly jangly bell wearing sissy

sissy phone sexHa! Look at you, all dressed up like a pretty faggot fairy princess! You think you’re so cute huh? Wearing that pretty pink penis pouch? Why do you even bother!? There’s nothing there to cover up haha just your itty bitty clitty, aren’t I right? You know you’re nothing but a jingly jangly bell wearing pansy! But I’m sure you already know that…that’s why you love to have us tease you and humiliate you. I know you lay in bed at night and think about calling us, you know we’re the only women who would ever accept you for who you are and treat you exactly how you want to be treat, aren’t I right? Don’t you dare say I’m wrong pretty princess! You love to dress up, you eat that shit up. You have a bigger collection of panties than half these girls here, and you take cock just as good them too! Am I right? I know I am! Us Wbmt gals have decided if you don’t pay up more vacation money right away we are going to change every single one of our blogs and make you our little blackmail paypiggy and have your FULL name… Michael Fra…………If you don’t want us to post the rest along with all your pretty sissy pictures then you might want to be a good girl and do what you’re told. Ohh looky, does the idea of us outing your identity to the whole world get your tiny clit hard? I can just see you now rubbing the itty bitty thing hard, just by the thought of everyone you know finding out that you like to dress up like the pretty sissy girl you are and better yet that you aren’t even equipped with a dick! Are you wet now? Imagining having your ass fucked? Of course you are! We know everything about you.

sissy phone sex

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