Its Raining Cunt Juice!


Exhibitionist phone sex

I have such a hot body so of course I’m going to show it off. I love to get fuck in public places where people can see my cunt being used like the slutty exhibitionist phone sex whore that I am. I usually wear slutty clothing like crop tops and miniskirts so a big dick cutie can easily slide their cock in my pussy. The other day one of my honeys took me on a mini getaway where he fucked me on the balcony in front of hundreds of people. Im such a whore that i just threw my leg over the railing and let him fuck me into oblivion. As I was getting boned so many people walked by and saw my beautiful black twat being stretched by a big thick cock! As I climaxed, I let my sopping wet pussy squirt juice rained over the people on passing by. People thought it was a change in forecast when really it was a hot slut releasing her twat juice and getting fucked for everyone to see.

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