Into the Rabbit Hole with Sadistic Teen Lydia

Not all teens are nice. I look so sweet and I sound even sweeter. Tell me Daddy, could you imagine my sweet little voice weaving the most nefarious and deadly schemes? You recognized a darkness inside me. I craved your attention and I knew I could get it. But that step monster and her innocent little cum stain have to go. She’s making you so miserable Daddy. I want to help you. We both have grown to recognize that evil inside each other. We’ve been hesitant until now to tell each other. After I heard how unhappy she made you, I just couldn’t stand it any longer! Someone has to pay. Your wife will be home shortly but innocent little Hailey is upstairs in her bedroom. I want to help you Daddy. I want to help you hurt her. Show me your monster and I’ll show you mine. Don’t forget the tools and the rope. The tarp was a nice touch you brought. it IS going to be very bloody after all. Hailey never saw it coming. I asked her nicely but she was too stupid to listen, so I bashed her head into the headboard. Bleeding and crying she soon knew not to tell me no. Daddy had his way and I helped him. I also helped him discover another rabbit hole that sweet Haily was hiding. I can’t wait for your wife to get home. ~Giggles~

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