International Picnic Day!

I’ve heard some black folks say that the word “picnic” comes from an old KKK ritual, where they would “pick a nigger” to lynch.  Then, they’d have a party that night, right under the lifeless body hanging from the tree.  Of course, that’s not true, but to appease all the thick, white cocks just wishing they could pound some juicy, nigger bitch pussy, I decided to celebrate International Picnic Day in a racially humiliating fashion.  I went to the poor, white side of town, where lots of bigots reside, and I stood on the street, flashing cars and pedestrians.  No bra.  No panties.  Just a thin, white dress and my sexy black ass, hoping someone would grab me and show me what happens to dirty, nasty, nigger whores in white neighborhoods.

A few guys took pictures, some stopped by to touch on me – pinch my nipples and squeeze my ass.  Almost everyone yelled something horrible at me.  Then, I had the best idea!  I wend two block over to an old, dive.  I was only there for two minutes before I got some real action!  Two drunk guys came out the side door in the alley, and spotted me.  I knew what I’d been waiting for was finally about to happen.  They were spewing hateful words at me before they even stumbled close enough to touch me.  They reeked of beer and cigarettes, and their eyes were blood-shot.

They grabbed me from behind, by my big tits, and pulled me deep into the alley.  They were fascinated with my huge, plump, round black ass, and it angered them that I enjoyed their attention.  That only made them even more abusive.  My pussy started dripping down my thighs when they told me I was the nigger that they’d picked to be their sex slave.

They poured beer on my snatch and licked it all off, saying that the beer made the stench of my dirty pussy tolerable.  They shoved beer bottles inside me and slapped me around every time I sounded like I enjoyed it.  Those guys fucked me in every whole, wiped off their dicks on my dress, then left me, sweaty, smelly and satisfied right next to the dumpster.  What a great day!

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