Incest is a right every parent should exercise!

Incest Phone Sex Incest is a right every parent should exercise! Like a rite of passage! Every parent should know what it feels like to fuck the soft body that was made just for them! They are only depriving themselves and their spawn! It cruel really! I on the other hand, am a great loving nurturing mommy! I have played with my munchkins since I can remember! Who better to take care of all their wants and needs but their mommy?!

My sissy boy is the best of the bunch! His cock is huge for his age, and he is always happy to please mommy! I was asleep and woke up to his head between my thighs licking and sucking my tight wet mommy cunt. I could feel his sweet warm mouth wrapped around my clit and before I knew this good little sissy slut started tongue fucking my ass.

Hot squirting pussyHe knows just how mommy likes to be woken up in the morning. He then took his fingers and shoved four in this dipping wet cum hole and started ramming me as he cleaned mommy’s dirty ass. When I say I came, baby did I cum. He started chocking on my squirt, but momma didn’t raise no quitter and he kept going drinking up mommy’s sweet nectar. God, I trained him so well

He popped his cute little face out of the blankets and with the sweetest smile said “There you go mommy. I wanted you to feel as good as you made me last night!” “Good boy baby! Thank you! Now it’s your turn come shove your cock deep inside mommy’s whore cunt and fill me up! I want you to make mommy’s pink pussy white, then I can clean you all up! I know how much you love when mommy cleans that juicy little slutty ass!”

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