In Your Dreams…

I usually try to wake up a little bit earlier than his alarm so I can wake him up with his hard cock in my mouth. He loved for me to do that and he always would leave me with a smile on his face any time we spent the night together. Only this morning was different, I was stuck in a wonderfully naughty dream. There were naked people everywhere; coming in all shapes, colors and sizes. I had found my place on the balcony when I followed this hot MILF with the most perfect tits I’ve ever had in my mouth. She let me sit in her lap and suck on her tits while she fingered me in my big ass. After a while she told me to follow her and we wound up here on the balcony taking all the cock we could.

Down on all fours beside her I could feel his big cock slipping inside my ass hole with ease. Her lips never left mine, they were so plump and soft. I started to throw my ass back on him, his moans sounded so familiar. Slowly waking up out of my dream I noticed my baby had beat me to it and had his hard cock deep in my ass… He was working on his morning nut and I was helping him with my big tight ass. I arched my back and lifted my ass on him leaving my face down in the pillows. I popped my ass on him until he gave me what I deserved. He smacked my ass hard when he came inside me, while my pussy throbbed with desire. She would just have to wait until tonight when daddy came home from work. 

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