In Two Weeks Time

barely legal phone sex erinBells on the door rang as I entered the gynecologist’s office. “Erin Andrews” I told the receptionist, handing her my insurance and ID. She smiled “You’re the only appointment we’ve got today, Erin, the nurse will be right with you” I sat down and flipped through some shitty magazine about cooking and crafts. Their clientele was young business professionals, I didn’t know why they kept all these old magazines! Not five minutes after I walked in, the receptionist called my name. I went back, got weighed, pissed in a cup, all that fun shit. I was given a gown, told to undress and that the doctor would be in shortly. I stripped down to my bra and panties and slowly took those off, giving the posters on the wall a little striptease. There was a soft knock at the door. I quickly slipped on the gown and got up on the table as the doctor and nurse walked in. “What are we seeing you for today, Erin?” I didn’t want to tell her I’d let myself get fucked with a knife, so off the top of my head I came up with “Pap smear” She smiled knowingly. “alright” she said, putting the stirrups out of the bed. “Put your heels up here if you would” I did as she requested. “Lie back” I did. “Nurse…” I felt a tightness on my leg and looked down. The nurse was tying my legs down to the stirrups. “What the fuck, lady?” She slapped my face and pushed me down. She and the doctor each held up one of my arms and they handcuffed my wrists together over my head. I didn’t want to admit it, but my cunt was dripping wet, making the room smell like sex. The doctor laughed. “Good girl, Erin” She resumed her spot on the stool between my legs. “little pinch” What I felt was so much more than a little pinch. She expertly slipped a dildo in my pussy and a butt plug in my asshole. “Looks like you’re a naughty girl” she said, fucking me with the toys. The nurse, holding my hands down above my head, shimmied her pants off, climbed up on the table and sat on my face. I instinctively fought it and she reached back and pinched and twisted my nipples. I lapped at her tight cunny, licking circles around her clit and slobbering all over, fucking her with my tongue. She removed one of her hands from my nipples and wrapped her little teen hand around my throat. She choked and pinched as the doctor fucked both holes hard and fast. I came, squirting my cum right into the doctor’s face. Shortly after, the nurse came, creaming into my mouth. I lapped it up, sucking her sweet fruity cunny dry. They silently uncuffed me, untied me and left the room. I got my clothes back on, fixed my hair and walked out. I stopped at the reception desk. “I’m going to need another appointment in 2 weeks.”

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