I’ll Keep You Warm

The arctic blast has arrived, but don’t worry sugar I am still hot and wet for you. We could be in sub zero temperatures and all you have to do is take out that hard cock of yours and let me work you over. I will be your special snow bunny keeping your blood boiling and your body hot. Once I start sucking that dick and fucking that cock you won’t even notice the frigid weather. Being snowed in together will be one thing you won’t mind. We can cuddle and all this large and lovely lusciousness will surround you with body heat. Snuggle in between my double J tits and get nice and cozy. The warmth they generate is better then a roaring fire. And trust and believe that I will¬† keep you warmer then you have ever been. I love being your snow bunny all wet and warm and cuddly, ready to hippity hop right on over to your side with my fluffy tail and sweet, wet, juicy pussy ready and willing to please.

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