I was trembling all over…


I am walking down the road late at night all by myself in my hot little jean cutoff shorts and halter top.  I can see the reflection of your headlights behind me and feel you following me slowly.  My heart starts to beat faster and I try to stay calm but already I am starting to tremble.

You follow me like that for a long time and right as there is absolutely no traffic coming I hear tires squeal and I start to run but you pull in front of me and cut me off.  I look around and the road that had a few cars going by here and there is now absolutely empty.  You jump out and point a gun at me and tell me to get in the car and the tears start running down my face.

I get in the car and you get back in too and your pants are unbuttoned and you reach down with one hand and pull your cock out while still pointing the gun to my head with the other hand.  Grinning at me you tell me I have 2 choices… either I can suck your cock or I can suck the gun…….

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