I was a Naughty Girl

cuckolding phone sex So I was out on a date with a very handsome guy, who was perfect in every way.  He was tall, muscular, dressed well, and had an amazing job.  He was very kind and sweet and our conversation the whole night was great.  But I kept having the same thought over and over again “whats the catch?”.  I mean this guy physically seemed too good to be true something had to be wrong with him.  So we finish dinner and arrive at his place he invites me up and we start making out and then he unzips his pants….Out pops the TINIEST cock I have ever seen in my life! I burst out in laughter and he put his head down in shame and muttered: “you’re still going to fuck me right?”.   I laughed even more and said “Now why would I do that? I wouldn’t feel it anyways”.  I continued telling him how useless a cock like that was and how it was a good thing I got a free meal out of him otherwise the whole night would’ve been a waste. He looked so ashamed the whole time saying “yes princess. I’m sorry princess”.   I tell him to lie down on the floor to make it up to me.  I sit on his face and tell him since he can’t make cum with his useless pindick he’d have to have to make me cum another way.  He works his tongue in and out of my pussy. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t horrible. I cum on his face and tell him that I’ll continue to see him but on the condition that from now on he is my fluff boy and helps get other men hard for me, otherwise, I’d tell all my friends who know him about his “tiny little secret” he nodded.  I put my skirt back on and told him to await instructions.   I went home irritated that I didn’t get a nice big fat cock,  but I was comforted knowing that at least  I  have a new loser to worship me.

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