I Want That Cum Deep

Hot ass sex tina

“God I’ve missed that beautiful pussy so much Tina!” said Jacob “not as much as I missed getting nasty with you babe.” I told him. Every morning he greets me with kisses and those strong manly hands. He kisses my nose and it gets me so wet- the way he handles my Big tits, sucking on them, licking them all between. Jacob knows just how to get me ready for his mature thick cock. I crave him every morning, while he licks my clit and sucks the juices out of me beautiful wet pussy then reaches up for a kiss. He slowly guides his cock in, stroking me with that hard rod. Mmmmm I wrap my legs around him and he gets going. “Oh Jacob I love how you feel so deep inside me!” “Tina I’ve been looking for a girl with a wet tight pussy like yours, I’m gonna give you a baby honey.” he moans while kissing my tits stroking deep in my cunt. This pussy has always been his that cock is mine-in moment we have, it’s just him and I as he fills my pussy with all his hot sticky seeds. Jacob pulls out and watches it drip out, kisses my from my cunt all the way up to my lips before saying goodbye. “I want to get real nasty with you next time baby.” I have been waiting ever since, are you willing to keep me company in the meantime-or maybe you have a friend?

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