I Want It To Hurt

Bondage Phone Sex


I never thought my pussy would gush from being hogtied and thrown on the floor to be used by a roomful of strangers like a worthless fuck-toy, but apparently bondage phone sex gets my whorish juices flowing.  Being completely restrained and gagged and forced to take cock after throbbing cock in every one of my dirty holes is exactly what satisfies this sub of a mommy slut.  A blowjob gangbang was a perfect way to start our sordid slave fucking soiree’.  Choking on dozens of dongs, gawk-gawking my way through that tear filled fuck fantasy had my pussy ready for the pounding it was about to take.  You have to admit, a filthy fuckfest is so much better when the bitch is crying.  I screamed and flailed as my horny holes were ravaged by one thick dick after another, taking every frothy creampie those sadistic fucks had to give. When they had their fill of me, they left me lying on the cold floor, still bound, still gagged and still crying in sweet agony.  I could get used to this.



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