I waited all night

I was very rude and disrespectful last night so I had to be punished harshly. I was bent over and restrained with my head down and my ass up in the air, I couldn’t see what was going on behind me but I knew that whatever he was getting ready to do it was probably going to hurt. I could hear him walking back towards me, it made me tremble in both anticipation and fear and when he touched me I couldn’t help it, I screamed. He told me to shut the fuck up and roughly shoved a huge dildo into my sweet pussy, then he shoved in the butt-plug. It hurt but felt so good all at the same time and I was so close to cumming that if he even breathed on my clit I would have been unable to control myself! That is when he started to spank my ass with a thick leather strap and I started begging him to let me cum. He was so mad at me that he refused to let me cum, in fact he left me there all alone all night long, with the dildo and butt plug still inside me. I waited for hours for him to come back, I was sore and so fucking horny I couldn’t stand it! Just when I thought I would surely die if I didn’t cum soon, he came back. He pulled the dildo out of my pussy and fucked the shit outta me! He finally gave me permission to cum too, as soon as he said the word I was squirting all over the place! If I had known the punishment would be this fun, I would have been bad a lot sooner!

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