I said a mouth full

Cocksucking Phone SexLike I told you before daddy’s little princess knows how to suck a mean hard dick. Daddy taught me himself. I learned from the best. I have been putting vanilla cocks in my mouth since as long as I could remember. My daddy keeps me on my toes and makes sure I am sucking dick at least 50 to 100 times a week. This Cocksucking Phone Sex story will make your toes curl. It will keep your dick standing at attention and ready to shove a full load into my mouth. I have no gag reflex so you can deep throat this young throat for as long as you want to.

The way daddy keeps this hot little ass of mine on my toes is he will invite one of his co workers over. They pay my father of course. Basically they pay to have their way with me. Most of the time I am only giving blowjobs. Daddy likes to keep the good tight pussy to himself. Recently my daddy invited his Boss over. So you know I had to give my best shit. I sucked the skin off his dick to the point his eyes literally rolled to the back of his head. Everytime I would put my mouth to the base of his had rock cock his toes would curl. He could not believe I was able to have a mouth full of his 12 inch cock all the way down my throat. I would not gag not one time. This made the boss cream and blast a shit load of his nut into my mouth and it dripped down my throat as I swallowed every last drop. Giving him a sexy smile afterwards. I continue to suck. This made him damn near go crazy. Then I hopped on his dick and rode his cowgirl style backwards. I know he will give my daddy a good report. You should come throat fuck me. I promise my throat is warm and wet just like my cunt.

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