“I put my thing down flip it and reverse it”

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We all have that one thing that really gets us going don’t we? I call it a sexual tick. Some people see panties and that gets them hot. Some people handcuffs, it is all on what gets you going. Most people can avoid their “tick”. But not me, no of course mine has to be something that is very difficult to avoid. It is a song. I know!! It sounds crazy right? I am not sure if you have heard it or not but it’s called “work it by Missy Elliot.” So much about this song just makes me want to get fucking kinky. As soon as it comes on all I can think about is dick! I mean when it says “I put my thing down flip it and reverse it” I can think of nothing else besides you pulling your cock out and me bending over for you and you just fucking me face down ass up to the beat. I mean how does this song not make you go in the bathroom and masturbate like me? What about when it says “Not on the bed, lay me on your sofa”, you can’t tell me that your mind doesn’t start racing and getting excited thinking about all of the places that I could ride you and fuck your brains out! There is even a part in there about being a slave…that part in itself just makes me want to squirt everywhere. I love being a slave to my man and my Daddy and doing what he says. I love getting punished for misbehaving…I love torture and punishment of all kinds. Sorry! There I go again, see what things this song brings out of me… now my pussy is dripping wet and all I can think about it draining your fucking balls into my awaiting mouth, or even better yet – my wet horny pussy.

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