I only fuck real men

cock controlLucky for you I have more than enough boyfriends to fuck while you watch – and if you’re a good boy I’ll even let you lick up all the cum. You can call and ask what I do in my free time and I’ll always tell you the same thing… I fuck REAL MEN while lil bitches like you watch and get off on it. You like it when I rub your tiny lil cock as I get rammed from behind from a nice huge dick? You wouldn’t know anything about that now would you?  And for those of you that like to act like you aren’t completely turned on by watching me get fucked then I’ll just have to deal with you in a special way. I’ll tie you right up and fuck him right next to you…while he bends me over I’ll make sure to reach over and rub that lil chubby you have. Quite a lot of shit you’re talking about ‘how sick I am’ and ‘how I disgust you’ hahahaha. No it is clear you feel quite differently from this growing hard on in my hand. When did you first discover you were a lil cuckold? Were you browsing some adult phone sex sites and then suddenly found your little dick getting hard? You saw some story about a guy coming home early from a business trip to find his wife fucking the shit out of some big black guy with a cock the size of your sandwich you ate earlier. Of course the first reaction is anger but shortly after comes the realization that this turns you on to a whole different level – watching another man TRULY please your wife. Just admit that’s what you want and I’ll call my favorite boyfriend with the biggest cock you’ve ever seen and you can watch as he satisfies me…and get your fill too.

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