I Make Daddy Happy

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People assume you have to be a certain age to please your daddy but that is not true, I know from experience. My friends and I all started at different times and all of our daddies are happy, but if you want my opinion the sooner the better that way by the time you reach my age, you will be a pro at pleasing daddy. I started very young because that’s when I realized I could make daddy happy. I will never forget the day I got my first fucking. I decided to be a smart ass and run my mouth, which obviously made daddy mad. Even though I thought I was too old for spankings daddy thought it was the best form of punishment. He pulled my pants down exposing my pale white ass. Daddy took off his belt and beat it red, I was crying but once I stood up I saw that daddy had a growing bulge in his pants, this had my attention. I asked him if I could see it, if I deserved it. He slapped me and said I deserved nothing, but he deserved to finally fuck my little pussy raw. He turned me back over and with no hesitation buried himself in me, I tried to get away at first because it hurt so bad, but daddy wouldn’t let me. He wanted to teach me to like it just like he had taught me so many other things in life. I wanted to make daddy happy and I could hear his moans and grunts as he thrusted over and over taking what he obviously had wanted for so long. It was starting to feel good but what felt even better was after all of this time finally making daddy this happy, it’s all I ever wanted.

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