I love your dress

crossdressing phone sex

Crossdressing phone sex holds a special place in my heart. There is something sexy about a man who is trying to find himself as he dresses in a pretty bra and panties, or maybe stockings and heels. Usually these are stolen from a female in their lives such as a sister, mom or wife. They try to only dress when they know that they will be alone, admiring their body in the mirror as they turn back and forth. Maybe they even go so far as to try to apply some basic makeup like mascara and some lipstick. Not all of them want to be fucked by another man but there are some who will continue down the road of humiliation and sissification. They will start to get more bold with when they are dressing, the excitement of knowing that they could be caught egging them on. Then the day that someone comes in they look scared and surprised but deep down had wanted to be discovered all along. They want the punishment and the anger from that loved one so that they can use that to fuel their depravity. The others are confused and looking for some re-assurance that it’s ok for them to wear pretty things too. To have a friend or loved one take them by the hand and show how to fit items, what to shop for, help apply makeup and maybe even do their hair. No matter which side of the road that you are on I am looking for you and can help with either destination!!

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