I love the forceful pace!

Hardcore ass fuckingI am a cum slut who loves to take a nice hard pounding in my tight little ass. I love the sound of your balls smacking my cunt as you pound away; letting me know that I’m nothing but your good little fuck toy! I will be good baby! Toy with my slutty holes! Take that cock and ram me hard. I want to feel your cock punishing my guts because you are ramming me so deep and hard. I don’t like it gentle. I’m a slight pain whore, And I love fucking multiple cocks at once.

I want to scream as you rip my whore hole open but can’t. this massive cock is down my throat, gaging and chocking me. Tears are running down my face, but don’t you guys let up! I love the forceful pace! I’m nothing but a fucking whore! Punish me baby! Use me to jerk those cocks just right! I want all my holes filled with your cum!

I will drain your balls and then get you rock hard again for round two. I can’t get enough! I want to be dripping with cum when you all are done! This cum filled cunt will be my trophy. I can’t wait to take it home and have my munchkin clean it up. This sex marathon is just beginning. But by the end there will be enough baby batter to share. After all training never ends and I’m training a grade a cum whore who always begs mommy for more!

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