I Love My Brother!

So you all know that I am off at college and miss my brother terribly right? He is back at home and misses me too. We see each other as often as we can but sometimes we go way too long without seeing each other. This is one of those times. Well it was anyways, that is until my brother surprised me. It was the best surprise I have ever received. I had just left class and was headed back to my dorm. I heard someone calling my name and turned to see my brother running towards me. I was so ecstatic! He said come on I have another surprise for you. He took me to a hotel. As soon as we pulled in I was wet. I just knew we were going to go into a room and fuck like rabbits. Well I was almost right. My brother had two of his friends waiting in that room. I had a great time with all those cocks! I can not wait for my brother to surprise me again!

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