I Love My Big Brother!

I just love my big Brother.  Sadly I don’t get to see his as much anymore.  He’s off being a big shot army guy.  He taught me so much about my body.  He’s giving like that lol.  It’s so wrong that it’s just so right yanno?  Shhh be quiet or Mom and Dad will hear!  I’ve had to bite my pillow a lot when he was home.  He hast he most perfect thick hard cock.  I miss is so much.  I play with my pussy thinking of all the hot nights we spent together.  Draining his cock again and again was so much fun.  Now I need a few more brothers!  I’m looking to expand my family you could say lol.  A slutty sis that will gobble your cock down and beg for your cum is just what you need and well… I need it to.  Not just want.  I need it.  I need to feel my big brother deep inside me thrusting into my sweet little muffin. I have so much love to give.  Daddy, Brother, Uncle… everyone can have a turn and my tight little holes.  I need lots and lots of stretching. 

Will you help me?  I’ll be a good girl for you I promise!

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