Cold, Wet, Melting, Teasing….

Watch my nipples get super hard as I run this ice over them making them cold and perky waiting for your lips and mouth to warm them up just so I can make them cold again. I love playing with ice. Now watch me take more cubes from my glass and rub them on my swollen clit, making it harder then you have ever seen. You can’t keep your mouth off it can you? Let me put some ice in my mouth, in between one set of my soft, pink lips and take your huge cock into the hot and cold corners, sucking it and creating a delicious contrast between hot and cold. I take another cube and place it on your ball sac and feel it shrivel up from the cold. It is driving you crazy isn’t it? Now lets shove some ice inside my pussy, right between my other set of soft, pink lips. The feel of that ice melting and dripping out of me while you fuck me hard is out of this world isn’t it? I bet we can shove several cubes into my tight ass and have you slide that rock hard cock up there to! Don’t you love ice as much as I do?

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