I brought you a present, Master!

Your wife thought she had you all to herself but this lil subby knows just how to keep you intrigued.  It has absolutely nothing to do with sex does it suga?  It’s the fact that I do whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want.  Or maybe it is because I bring you lil treats in pigtails and knee socks?  Like the cutie little blonde I brought to you as a present the other night.  She was all dressed up just for you, just the way you like your little girls.  Short little skirt and knee socks and pigtails. 

It turned me on sooooo much to hear her whimpers as I prepped her for you.  An enema and a fresh pair of pretty pink panties.  Dangling from the ceiling by rope around her wrists and a spreader bar between her ankles.  All of our special toys right there waiting on you.  I even remembered to sharpen your favorite knife. 

Your wifey doesn’t give you presents like that, only I do.  I swear one day I am going to forget how much you luv her and I am going to sneak up on that bitch and gut her like a fish and make her a non-factor.  HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!  oOOOH don’t get mad at me Master, I am just joking.  Well maybe.  🙂

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