I blackmail my crossdressing uncle

When I found out my uncle was a cross dressing whore, I blackmailed him. I wanted to get off just like daddy does, off his mouth. “If you don’t use your mouth on me like you do daddy, I will tell your wife” I said to him. You wear sissy clothes and panties. If you have any free time, you spend it on your knees sucking cock and eating ass. I even watched daddy fuck your sissy pussy.

Wet bald pussy

Then I spread my legs open “lick my pussy hole like you were licking daddy’s asshole”. After you heard me say that something in you activated. You started lapping at my cunt like a thirsty pup. That sissy ass of yours even wiggles in the air, like a bitch in heat. “Is this when daddy normally goes behind you and fucks you?” I ask as I laugh and grind my cunt in your face. Man Wet bald pussy like yours gets fucked often.

The way it was spread open tells me daddy fucks you hard. Finally, my pussy was getting close to climax. Then I grab your head and push it down to my ass. “Lick my asshole, I’m so close”. That is all you had to hear, your tongue flicks on my ass harder. After all that my cunty tightened up and started squirting all over my sissy uncle. “No wonder dad uses your mouth and ass so often”, “you were made to get all the juices out of someone”.

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