Hypnotizing You With My Sexy Breasts

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex


I’m going to put you under my spell. Once you are completely under my control, I will use you to do my bidding. I’m going to use my body to hypnotize you. Look at my sexy tits as they bounce up and down in front of you. That’s right, pull out your cock and rub it to my beautiful tits. You know that by looking at them that you will lose all control, but you are too horny to care. Watch how I rub my nipples as I bounce them in your face. You are now falling deeper under my hypnosis. Now, watch me move my hands down to my pussy, spreading out my pussy lips so I can get to my clit and my fuck hole. Look at how I transition between rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. Your cock is hard and throbbing. You cannot resist my influence. I want you to be mine forever, serving me and being my personal little bitch for the rest of your life. Don’t you agree? Good. Now, cum for me. 


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