Hurricane Keisha

Fuck Sandy, ghetto Hurricane Keisha is what you and your white dick should be worried about! You might want to make sure you’re prepared with all of your survival gear before approaching this busty black storm! Trust me, handling these strong chocolate waves might be a little difficult if you never had a ghetto ass like mine. Swimming in these waters are sure to give you and your dick the sexual cyclone of a lifetime! Oh shit! the forecast

could’ve never predicted how disastrous this black juicy pussy and ass could be to that white bitch you’re married to, or that frail whore you call your girlfriend. After your mass explosion from this sexual hurricane you’ll never get hard for her again! I suggest you hold on tight and brace yourself for this drenching wet, black typhoon pussy. Think you can handle it and tame me with your big white meat? Well prove you can settle these dark winds on a wild nigger whore phone sex call with Hurricane Keisha!

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