I like the hunt. I think I get more pleasure from the hunt then from the torture. I like knowing that I’m getting change their destiny. I decide when I take them. I decide what day their life changes forever. Sometimes I let them have their big date. Or that dance they want to go to. Or that thing they’ve been waiting for for so long. Sometimes I given that special moments, just so I can snatch it away. Sometimes it’s so sweet I just can’t wait. Or I don’t think they’ve deserved that special moment. Then I take right before their big day. I tease them and taunt them with what they’ve lost. I like to play with their heads, before I play with their bodies. But as free slots has her day. The day I’m going to finally kill her. I savor every moment. I like to draw out the pain. I like to live in the pain. Then I like to share my fuck toys. After all, sometimes it’s just as much fun to watch.

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