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Adult Phone Chat

I do love being a porn star but sometimes, some of the stars can be a bit bitchy!

When ever you do an anal scene, you have to make sure your ass is nice and clean!

I like to eat a liquid diet, cum is liquid, right?

And I also do and thorough ass cleansing the day before!

Well I was up for this role with a girl that I had not worked with before and in one scene, she spends a lot of time tongue fucking my sexy little rosebud and then goes to a strap on.

Well she came into my dressing room and hands me an enema!

She ordered me to use it or she would have my ass fired!

What a bitch!

Well, if that is what the princess wants, then I should definitely give it to her!

I filled the bottle up with that warm soapy water and started emptying it in my tight shit whole!

It felt so good! I love a toy stuffed in my ass but this was warm and squishy! They should make toys like that!

So I go out to the set and we are really getting into the scene. She is dominating me and pulling my hair!

She is grabbing my tits and squeezing my hard little pink nipples and telling me that I had better be a good little slut or she is going to fuck my ass like a whore!

I love the pain so even though she was being a total bitch, I was still getting all hot and slippery! (or maybe that was my enema starting to leak!)

She got to the part where she slides the rubber strap on in my warm wet pussy, and I could start to feel my stored ass juice slosh around!

This was going to be perfect!

She get low and sticks her face in my cunt and starts licking my clit until my legs shook.

She snapped at me to hold still before I ruined the scene!

Oh I can’t wait to give her what she has coming!Squirting Phone Sex

Just then, the director motioned for me to turn over and get on all fours!

She starts kissing and licking my pretty little ass and just when she reaches to pull my cheeks apart and stick that tongue in my shit hole….I let that juice flow!

That warm enema came gushing out all over that bitches face!

She kept trying to scream but every time she opened her bitchy mouth, it got filled with my squirting ass juice!

So, I am guessing my squeaky clean ass is fired but it was totally worth it!




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