hot ass sex PennySo I hate dealing with my little sluts homework and fucking school shit. I am way to busy for that shit! So I made a little deal with Mr. Gargus. He use to be a teacher before he started fucking little sluts. Now he cant get work anywhere! That makes him PERFECT for what I need! I offered my little fuck toys to him! He can fuck them as long as they make good grades! He deals with all the worthless school shit! And I am free to party as hard as I want all fucking week long! I love it. And if I come off as the mother of the year. Even fucking better! I know Mr. Gargus will fuck the shit out of my sluts. So I guess they are learning the best lesson from him. One my dealer has pounded into them many many times. And that is they they are made to be fucking whores! And the only thing that will get them thru life is using their cunts!

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