Fist Fucking Fun

There are always lots of family and friends around during the holidays. we party hard and fuck harder. Dear old Uncle Willie is one of my favorites. My pussy always gets wet when I hear his voice because I know before he leaves he is going to get every female in the house, young and old and see how much he can stuff in their pussy and ass. He is obsessed with fist fucking and loves to see how much more we can take then we did at the last family gathering. I always use my big dildo, “Big Ben” (named after one of my favorite fuck friends) to make sure my pussy is ready for him when I know he is cumming over. I love when he pushes his hand deeper into my cunt stretching my pussy to the max. He always hits the pussy first and the ass next going from one of us to the next like a fist fucking train. He lets us each know how we did and if we have improved and then gives us instructions on what we can stick up our holes to be ready for his next visit. he is truly a hoot and a lot of fun to play with!

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