He’s A Magic Man

He is always at the club. I have been watching him for months. A gorgeous hunk of a man, perfect in every way, except one. He is always there with his wife. He obviously adores her. He doesn’t notice anyone else in the club but her. I have tried every trick in the book to get his attention. I don’t even know his name but I want him so bad that just the sight of him makes me cum. It is late and they still haven’t showed up. As I sip my drink, day dreaming about the man of my dreams, the man I can’t have, the one that I can’t seem to get, a stranger walks up to me and offers to buy me a drink. He isn’t half bad looking. Maybe he can satisfy this throbbing in my pussy. By the end of the night it is a done deal that I will take this stranger home. By the time I get him to my house I am so fucking hot. We sit on my couch and start making out. As soon as my lips are covered in his saliva they begin to tingle and swell. I apologize and wonder if I am having an allergic reaction. He smiles and tells me he has always had this “power”. It seems when his body fluid comes into contact with another person, it has the ability to change that person into what ever his heart desires and that once that person has ingested some of his fluids they have the same ability while his fluids are in their system. The first thing I think of is my dream man from the club and instantly I know what I will do. Removing his pants I begin to suck his cock swallowing his pre-cum. As my spit covers his cock it begins to change. This is going to be perfect! He begins to suck my tits making them plump and fill with milk turning them into what he wants, he rubs his cock on my pussy depositing pre-cum and that changes my lips, turning them into thick plump lips with a swollen clit. He licks every inch of me, transforming me into his perfect woman. In turn I cover him with my pussy juice and I lick his entire body. I watch as he becomes my dream man. We fuck deep into the night enjoying the perfect mate that we have created. Suddenly I hear the sound of the alarm and I am startled into reality. Laying in a cum soaked sheets my pussy is still pumping out streams of cum. What a fucking dream! If only I could find my magic man!

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