He made me Dance for Him

Anal Phone Sex


Officer Johnson the fucking corrupt son of a bitch that keeps coming around my corner looking for freebies by threatening the girls unless we give him something to make him leave us the fuck alone. “Johnson is a sick and twisted heartless mutherfucker with no fucking since of that piece of shit badge he wears when he’s ramming with his worthless little tiny cock and the cock part of that is up for debate. Anyway, so Johnson comes on the scene of no crime but a little pussy selling, there were about 17 girls or so out this night. This major prick pulls up and stops right in front of you know who, me “What’s up Candy Butt,” he says to me and calls me to the squad car and you know I had to go see what this fucking perverted bastard wanted.


He got out car and claimed he was checking me out for weapons and contraband but really mother gottdamn son of an alley cat bitch why are your hands squeezing my ripe breasts and why do I feel your rock-hard weapon on my ass pushing up on me like you want to drill me. “Get in the fucking car,” he screamed as he pushed me into the back seat of that musty ass squad car. What the fuck have I done why are you fucking with me Johnson, I didn’t do shit. He stopped the car in an alley about 4 or 5 streets from my block, he got out came to the back and told me to get out of the car we walked down the alley to this dead end that he must have knew was there then it all started..

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