He Got On His Knees To Suck Him

black cock phone sexHe is my husband and I love him, but he is a cuck. His tiny little shriveled up dick does nothing for me. The thought of it in my mouth makes me gag. I keep him around because he looks good in sissy panties and he knows how to use his tongue. He doesn’t mind that I have other men. In fact, I think he actually enjoys it. The other night he came running with my phone to show me a text message I received. It was just a picture, no words. But that picture, damn, it was a rock-hard 12-inch BBC with a head covered in pre-cum. My panties were wet just looking at it and when I looked down his were too. I kissed his cheek and told him we were going to have some fun tonight. We prepared together. Taking a nice warm bubble bath and him shaving my legs and washing my hair. Then we applied some sweet-smelling lotion, made my cunt perfect and waited. The doorbell rang and he went running to get it. Dressed in a sweet little red dress and matching thong. His eyes twinkled and he practically skipped as he brought that beast of a man to my room. I was waiting for that beast and my sissy husband already was on his knees ready to suck him to full erection.

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