He Forced My Mouth On His Asshole

Anal Phone Sex

He made me into his whore and used me in every way. I sucked his cock like normally and his balls but then he kept pushing my head, forcing it down more and more until my mouth was on his asshole. I couldn’t move he held my head in right in his ass and I had to lick it he was not going to let me up. I licked his asshole like I would have liked a wet pussy. I stuck my tongue deep in his ass and wiggled it hopping he would let off. He kept my head there and then stuck his finger in my ass. He kept pumping my asshole with his fingers as I liked his, he turned me around and stuffed his cock deep in my ass. He pounded me and used me making me into his whore. He went deep in my ass until he came hard, I could feel it pumping his gooey nut in me. I pulled out and made me lick his cock clean until he fell asleep.  

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