He Filled My Dreams

I met a guy today that was different from any I have ever met. I was instantly drawn to him and when he looked at me I felt his eyes hold me in a trance. He was not handsome in the conventional sense of the word. His eyes were haunting and he was almost goth in appearance, yet not exactly. He pulled me into his world without even knowing he had done it. For some reason I went home and put on my sexy leather outfit (something I reserve for special kinky occasions). It felt dark and mysterious just like him. I fucked myself fantasizing about what it would be like to have him there fucking me. I couldn’t stop. When I finally stopped masturbating I was out of breath and covered in sweat and cum but I didn’t have the energy to get up and shower. Instead I fell into a deep sleep with my dildo laying next to me. I was instantly transported into a dream. A dream that was actually a nightmare, dark and sensual and bordering the forbidden.  There he was with his hand outstretched, beckoning me to come to him. He was bare chested and his skin was the palest white I had ever seen, his dark hair slicked back and a sense of danger hung in the air. But I couldn’t resist his hand. Taking it I followed him into a building. In the center of the room we entered was a casket. It stood on a pedal-stool and was opened. I could feel my heart beat faster as he led me closer. Afraid to look, afraid of what was there. I could feel the fear build with each step we took closer to it and yet I could not release his hand and run. As we reached it and I looked in only to find it empty I felt a wave of relief wash over me. Relief that did not last long. He turned to me and slowly began to undress me before guiding my hands to his pants, urging me with his eyes to undress him as well. His pants dropped to the floor and his huge, thick, throbbing cock stood up like a beast waiting to devour my soul. As he laid me in the casket my fear began to rise again. He laid on top of me and fucked me in that coffin with the heavy feeling of death and forbidden things surrounding us like a cloud.. When I woke up I was in a puddle of cum so thick I had to get up and change my sheets.

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