Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln: Every Girl’s Crazy for a Well Hung Man

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln. Sixteenth US President. Freed the slaves, giving all those well hung black men easier access to white pussy. Likely died because some tiny dick white male loser caught his wife getting some big black cock. Big black cock can be quite intimidating to those little inadequate white dicks.  I provide phone sex therapy to men all the time. Help them come to terms with their inadequacies, their short comings. I spoke to one such guy today. He couldn’t seem to understand why his wife has a crush on Lincoln. This perplexes him.

black cock phone sex sex therapyWell, from a female perspective, this is very easy to figure out. First, Lincoln freed the slaves. White women can fuck black men because of what he started.  Second, Lincoln suffered from Marfan Syndrome, which can cause disproportionately long extremities. He was a giant, and rumored to be one of the best hung men in history. Stands to reason with his gigantic height, long legs and arms, that he would have a massive cock as well. He may have even given some slaves a run for their money in the cock department. Third, he was ruler of the United States.  Powerful, in control men are sexy. Why do you think so many presidents get pussy?  What woman would not fantasize about a well hung, compassionate, intelligent man in power?

I’d love the chance to fuck Lincoln. I’m a size queen. But, I also cocksucking phone sex big cocklike open minded, smart men. Lincoln was ahead of his time intellectually. I do believe all men are created equal, except, however, when it comes to cock size!  Bigger cock, working cock is always superior. So if you have a tiny little white dick, you need to call me for some therapy, some cock control. We can decide an appropriate role for you in my history. Sissy? Slave? Cuckold? Panty Boy? Bitch? Cum recycler? Fluffer? Or fuck toy if you got more than 8 thick hard inches.  But let’s be realistic here, men like Lincoln are hard to cum by. I’m sure your wife would much rather fantasize about a dead president, then waste her time fucking your tiny dick, loser. That’s why we have dildos! Mary Todd didn’t need one, but your wife certainly does.

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