Guided Masturbation and BBCs

guided masturbationI want to talk to you about big black dicks and guided masturbation. If you are a white man, have you ever wondered why there is so much interracial porn or why so many white women date black men? I know plenty of white men who are in denial. It is not the content of your character that counts. It is not even the size of your wallet that matters for many women. It about the size of your cock. Big black cocks with cum filled balls do more for a woman than white dicks. I do not even masturbate with flesh or pink colored dildos. Anything that goes in my pussy, mouth or ass needs to be dark. My guess is if you are still reading my blog, you watch interracial porn and wish your woman would take big black cocks like me.  Maybe, you even jack off thinking of watching your woman get hammered by big black cock.  I bet you do not like watching little white dicks fucking pussies. You know a white dick will never give a woman a hot squirting pussy. BBCs stretch our cunts wide, ruining our fuck holes for little white pricks. If your white dick falls out of your girl’s pussy, either she needs some big black cock, or she has already had some. Get your girl a big black dildo like the run I am riding. See her reaction. Watch her play with it then you will know if she is a BBC whore or just a wannabe.  When I cannot get the real thing, I fuck myself with a black dildo. Even a plastic BBC is better than a real cock that is white. Somehow, I know you already know that. My guess is you jack off to black cock. Maybe you even want to be a black cock faggot.

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