Good Manners

The weather has finally turned warm. I love the sun. I have been in the pool for the last two days. And today I got such a surprise. The pool boy just showed up out of the blue to make sure my pump was giving it to me like it should…lol He was blushing when he asked if I needed anything. Just the most polite young man.  I climbed out of the pool dripping wet and smiled as I saw his eyes lock on my tits and his cock shot straight up for me. His cheeks turned rosy red as  I walked up to him and dropped to my knees. I pulled out that young thick cock and just started sucking on it. Mmmmm It was so good. I let the boy cum in my mouth and sucked down every drop. When I got up I asked him If there was anything else I could do for him.. He blushed saying stammering no mam…mmm goodness I love a boy with manners.

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