Good Girls vs Bad Girls

“Good girls are just bad girls that haven’t been caught yet”

Truer words have never been spoken. I’m here to tell you a secret about women.  See, the thing is…. they ALL want to be bad.  Some of them are just in denial lol.  Women love bad boys for one reason, they thing the bad boys will push them to do those things, those naughty naughty things they’ve always wanted to do.  Otherwise most women live filtered.  I don’t have that problem myself but it must suck hardcore!  Have you ever seen a Good Girl gone Bad?  It’s fucking hot isn’t it?  I think we should help some of these poor girls find their inner slut and live La Vida Loca!  How about you sexy.  You down?  Two girls, one good, one bad.. which one do you think will win?  Here let me show you my hand baby.  See, I can eat pussy like it’s a fucking delicacy and by the time I’m done with her there is NOTHING she won’t do for ya haha!  I’m what ya might call, the pussy whisperer lol.  Let’s go out, throw back a few drinks and see which one of these sluts looks prim and proper enough to have a little fun with.  And by a little I of course mean all damn night baby.  Let’s get this party started and s get wild!

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