Giving Him an Ear Full!

Well I thought I was going out on a date but it seems as if everyone in the city is snowed in. So much for sushi and sake with the hot set of muscle from the coffee shop I met earlier. Oh well, maybe I can still salvage the night. Nothing says snow day like porn and a box of sex toys. I’m going to masturbate until my clit is so sensitive I can hardly walk straight. Maybe if I’m lucky, my date will call right in the middle of my pleasure fest and I can give him an ear full. He seems like a nice guy, as a matter of fact too nice for me but what the hell. I think I’m gonna make it my mission to bring him to the kinky side. I think I’ll accidentally call him so he can listen to me play. I do the innocent act so well, I’m sure he will really believe it was not on purpose. Fool.

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