Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

You are at an adult book store buying handcuffs, a whip and a strap on.  You see me over in the lingerie section and decide to come over and say hi.  You must have been really nervous because you seem to have forgotten that you still have the whip, handcuffs and strap on in your hand.  You say hi to me and I say hi back and look at your hands and say oooohhhh that looks like fun. You say oh they are just for a friend.  I say well that is turning me on.  Really?  Yes I love to get kinky!  You don’t look like the kind of girl that would be into this, you look to innocent!  Don’t let my looks fool you, I am not as innocent as I look.  Well to tell you the truth these things are really (gulp) for me.   Oh even better because you are HOT!!!  Why don’t you come back to my place with me?  Are your friends going to be there?  Yes they are, is that a problem?  I don’t know, it might be kind of embarrassing.  Nah don’t worry about that it will make it even better for you!

So you follow me to my place and when you walk in there are 4 of my friends that are as hot as I am.  This makes you even more turned on.  I pull out everything you bought and show it to all of my friends.  They start laughing and say Wendy what are you going to do with this guy?  I tell you to strip down to nothing and then I grab your arm and take you into my bedroom.  I  make you get on  your knees on my bed and handcuff your hands to my bed.  Then we take turns spanking your bare ass and lightly whipping your ass too.  Then I put on the strap on and tell you that you are going to show me how you would suck on a cock. The girls are cheering you on and laughing at you. You suck on cock so well have you done this before?  No, but I have always wanted to, well you do it very well.  I have a surprise for you, hehe, one of my friends is a “special girl” and she has a nice real cock for you to suck on.  I have always wanted to do that, bring her to me!  While you are sucking on that real cock I am going to go behind you and fuck your little man pussy with that big strap on you bought!  Have the need for something a little different?  Something a little kinky?  Just remember I am not as innocent as I look *wink*

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