Gilf knows Best!

Gilf Phone SexGranny knows best! These young ones these days think they know EVERYTHING! I love hanging out with the grand ones! It makes me feel so young! And I try to teach them all the things I have learned in my life! Like this last week end. I walked in on my youngest niece trying to suck her little friends dick. She was licking it like a lolly pop! I asked her what she was doing and she actually tried to tell me that she was the best dick licker around! I just had to laugh! I had to teach her, The poor girl had no idea how to suck a cock! First I showed her how to deep throat! I took that cock and swallowed it right down! Then I let her try! She make it about half way before I wrapped my hand in her long hair and pushed her face all the way down that cock shaft! Of course she gagged at first! I had to help her for a few minutes but she did pick it up! My little Sarah is just a chip off the sluts block! She started sucking that cock just like granny taught her! I am so fucking proud of her!

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