Gilf and Proud of it!

Gilf is more than a word… Its a life style! I love being a Grandmother. I am proud of all my years learning EVERYTHING about sex!  I know I have a banging hot body that just BEGS for attention! Lucky for me, I never have to look to long. I try not to wear panties or anything that will interfere with a good fucking. Some times you have to be prepared. Like today. I had an urge for peanut butter fudge. So I needed to run to the store for unsalted butter. There was only one box of real butter left. It was on an end cap in a large fridge. I am not very tall. I had to bend all the way over to barely reach the butter. I almost had it when I felt someone with a large hard cock push right up against me. I heard a deep voice ask if I needed any help. I pushed my ass hard against him, and heard him moan. Then with out even thinking about it I said “fuck me”. I was pretty surprised when he unzipped and pulled his hard cock out. He fucked me right there in the grocery store, bent over the fridge. He even reached around and pulled on my tits! He fucked me so hard he was lifting me off the floor, and shoot his big creamy load deep inside me! He pulled out, and zipped up, He pulled my dress down, and then reached in and grabbed the butter. He pulled his pen out and wrote his phone number on the box then handed it to me. Then walked away. I felt like a little girl who got away with something when I checked out!

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