GFE Erotic Massage

As your favorite GFE I love to give you very erotic massages, especially after a long hard day at work.  You deserve to be pampered, taken care of and have a night that is just about you.  You call me up and tell me you need me tonight.  I am going to take real good care of you tonight baby.  Why don’t you come over and I will get the massage oil out and give you a nice massage to sooth your tension.  You get to my house and I have a table set up for you, there are candles lit and the room is dim.  There is soft music playing in the background.  I give you a kiss and start undressing you.  Climb up onto the massage table baby let me take care of you.  So you lay down on the table, I get undressed and just have my stockings and high heels on.  I sit on top of you and start massaging your back making sure to rub my big breasts against you.  I work my way down from your shoulders and down your back rubbing the warm massage oil into your skin.  I slide down a little further to massage your bottom rubbing my breasts up against your butt cheeks.  I work my way down your legs slowly working my hands around your thighs, your calves and your feet.  Ok baby now it is time for you to turn over.  So you turn over onto your back and your cock is rock hard at this point.  I press your cock up against your stomach and straddle you rubbing myself on you as I massage your chest.  By this point my pussy is dripping wet and the feeling of your hard cock in between my pussy lips is almost to hard to bare.  So I wrap my hand around your cock and slide it into my wet pussy and start grinding on you.  Is this helping your day get better baby?

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